In this section we’ll be housing all the results of our shared research as a growing library of reference pages. We’re keen to get as many of you as possible to contribute to these pages. We want to encourage experts and enthusiasts alike to join our club and discuss the book and the author and the many historical, political, geographical and nautical issues that lie beneath the surface of this classic spy novel.

The most recent articles in the Handbook are:

If you’d like to comment on anything we’re doing or publishing, if you have some peculiar knowledge about the book and the world it describes that you’d like to share, if you would like to contribute to the Club in any way, then join us!


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  1. Was Childers not proposing a surprise attack against an unprepared enemy, at the very start of hostilities, in the manner of Pearl Harbour? In contrast, Gallipoli took place 9 months into the war, against an enemy that was ready and waiting. If that is right, then the invasion force would not have faced the same difficulties in getting ashore, although maintaining its supply lines would be difficult in the face of the British fleet.


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