Mea maxima culpa: the pier at Queenborough

I’ve waited until Tim’s away on holiday to write this post, for reasons which will become obvious. Back in July, we had arranged a day in Norfolk to visit a boat which we had thought might be similar to the Medusa. However, the chap who owned said boat cancelled on us at the last minute,Continue reading “Mea maxima culpa: the pier at Queenborough”

The 14th Adventure Club Podcast: In Search of the Flushing Steamer Pier

We’re meant to be talking about October 6 in ‘Riddle of the Sands’, but frankly this is a period in the book where not a lot is happening, and we’re essentially gearing up for the main spying action starting on October 15. Having been stood up by a man who may (or may not) haveContinue reading “The 14th Adventure Club Podcast: In Search of the Flushing Steamer Pier”

‘Pacing the deck of a Flushing steamer’

An admission – I had always imagined a ‘Flushing steamer’ to be a steamer of a particular kind, following the usual landlubber’s rule of assuming that a strange word in use alongside something ship-sounding must be a proper noun of unknown provenance. But this turns out to have been idiotic. Flushing is the English vernacularContinue reading “‘Pacing the deck of a Flushing steamer’”