The last ship chandler in London

In the opening chapter of The Riddle of the Sands, Carruthers is shaken from his bored torpor by a letter and a sort-of shopping list. (See September 23): Bring your gun and a good lot of No. 4’s; and would you mind calling at Lancaster’s and asking for mine, and bringing it too? Bring someContinue reading “The last ship chandler in London”

‘A pair of rigging screws from Carey and Neilson’s’

Carey and Neilson’s is, we think, an invention of Childers’s. There was until fairly recently a chandler in the Minories – the location Childers gives for Carey and Neilson’s. It was called Potter’s, and it stood there for a hundred years before being taken over, in the 1980s, by Kelvin Hughes. The shop was finally closedContinue reading “‘A pair of rigging screws from Carey and Neilson’s’”