‘There is plenty ducks’

September 30 is the last day in the book that Carruthers is allowed to believe he really is on a duck shooting holiday, and not a spying mission. Finally, he gets to unpack his Lancaster (and specialist cartridges) to bag something for his dinner. “It was just dusk when we sallied out again, crossed aContinue reading “‘There is plenty ducks’”

‘the strains of a huge musical box’

The stopover at the pilot’s house in Schlei Fjord on September 30 is a convivial affair: “… the shooting-party was none the less a triumphal success. It was celebrated with beer and music as before, while the pilot, an infant on each podgy knee, discoursed exuberantly on the glories of his country and the ElysianContinue reading “‘the strains of a huge musical box’”

The 8th Adventure Club Podcast: Ducks, Vikings & Music Boxes

This week we’re concentrating on September 29 & 30, in which we arrive at the Schlei Fjord for a spot of duck shooting, beer and music. We also talk at length about how you can support this project by pledging to pay for access to the live web adventure in the autumn, and acquire a beautifulContinue reading “The 8th Adventure Club Podcast: Ducks, Vikings & Music Boxes”