The 6th Adventure Club Podcast: the Danish Edition

This week, is a very special Danish edition, covering September 27 & September 28. We need to sail to the Als Sound as part of the great Adventure, but club members will need to brush up on their Prussian & Danish history if they’re going to join us… We discuss: how German champagne funded WW1 –Continue reading “The 6th Adventure Club Podcast: the Danish Edition”

‘he produced with stealthy pride… a bottle of German champagne’

Last week grog, next week coffee punch, but this week German champagne. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it – that is, research every food and drink reference that crops up in the Book, and make sure we head off on our Adventure in the autumn suitably provisioned. Of course you can’tContinue reading “‘he produced with stealthy pride… a bottle of German champagne’”

The Northern Princesses (not a post about Frozen)

Excuse the naked SEO-baiting title for this post, but now we must talk about two northern princesses (and one northern prince). We have spoken before about how Childers takes Carruthers and Davies north to Flensburg for a very clear reason: a real-world history lesson for the reader, taking us to one of the places inContinue reading “The Northern Princesses (not a post about Frozen)”

‘Isn’t this rather an open anchorage?’

The first day of sailing for Carruthers is September 27th, and it takes him and Davies out from Flensburg, so this is our first opportunity to do some serious mapping, though Tim NotCarruthers got us started with his post on the location of their first night after Carruthers’s arrival. Carruthers wakes on the morning ofContinue reading “‘Isn’t this rather an open anchorage?’”