A Club Member’s own Adventure

Many of you will remember the lovely day out we had in Queenborough over the summer, where we looked at a ship pier which I, notDavies, confidently asserted was the same pier that Carruthers takes the Flushing Steamer from to begin his adventure. Many of you will also remember that this was not, in fact,Continue reading “A Club Member’s own Adventure”

What have Carruthers, the Kaiser and Prince Albert got in common?

Adventure Club member Jon Ratty has dug up yet more interesting information about the Lancaster guns that Carruther favours for his supposed duck-shooting holiday: Ahoy! I turned up another few items about Lancaster guns in the last day or so, which may add some interest. People collect old shotgun cartridges like other people collect stamps,Continue reading “What have Carruthers, the Kaiser and Prince Albert got in common?”

‘the Stores’

In the last podcast, I suggested that Carruthers might have got the Rippingille stove at the Army & Navy store on Victoria Street (now part of House of Fraser). By the end of the 19th century the Army & Navy was a hugely successful operation with outposts in Leipzig and Mumbai. Its roots in providingContinue reading “‘the Stores’”

The 2nd Adventure Club Podcast: On Guns & Pipes

Since ‘The Riddle of the Sands‘ is so specific about dates, we’ve decided to tackle the book a day at a time. In this podcast, it’s all about September 24, in which Carruthers has the task of responding to the  various requests in Davies’s letter (listen to last week’s episode for full details). Specifically, the task has beenContinue reading “The 2nd Adventure Club Podcast: On Guns & Pipes”

‘At Lancaster’s I inquired for his gun’

Finding a gun shop in central London is a little harder these days than it would have been in 1898. Lancaster’s is definitely no longer there, but thanks to studious research by Adventure Club members Nick and Jon, we’ve located it at 151 New Bond Street W1S. It turns out Lancaster’s was a rather historic place,Continue reading “‘At Lancaster’s I inquired for his gun’”

‘A pound of Raven mixture’

It’s quite a shopping list which Carruthers receives from Davies, a list which in itself is a thumbnail sketch of the single Edwardian gent. Nestled among it is a request for ‘a pound of Raven mixture’, with no further explanation given as to what this curious substance is. This is one of those moments when youContinue reading “‘A pound of Raven mixture’”