The 7th Adventure Club Podcast: Books, Handbooks & Punch

This week we’re concentrating on September 28 & 29, in which Davies’s onboard library is discussed, and a dangerous concoction called ‘coffee-punch’ sampled. We also talk at length about how you can support this project by pledging to pay for access to the live web adventure in the autumn, acquiring a beautiful Handbook Edition of ‘TheContinue reading “The 7th Adventure Club Podcast: Books, Handbooks & Punch”

‘the spire of a little monument rising from a leafy hollow’

It’s the evening of September 28. Carruthers and Davies have moored in a ‘shaded backwater’ about halfway up the Als Sound when they catch sight of a spire on the opposite shore. What can it be? It’s called the Arnkieldenkmal, and it’s one of several monuments the German erected in a flush of triumphalism afterContinue reading “‘the spire of a little monument rising from a leafy hollow’”

The Northern Princesses (not a post about Frozen)

Excuse the naked SEO-baiting title for this post, but now we must talk about two northern princesses (and one northern prince). We have spoken before about how Childers takes Carruthers and Davies north to Flensburg for a very clear reason: a real-world history lesson for the reader, taking us to one of the places inContinue reading “The Northern Princesses (not a post about Frozen)”

The 4th Adventure Club Podcast: First Encounters, Germany & Grog

In which we discuss our plans to re-enact the classic spy novel ‘The Riddle of the Sands’. This week we talk about Day 4 of the adventure – September 26.  Today is a day of first encounters – with Davies the yachtsman, Dulcibella the boat and with Flensburg & Germany. We discuss: a brief introductionContinue reading “The 4th Adventure Club Podcast: First Encounters, Germany & Grog”

The Schleswig-Holstein question

Don’t worry. We’re not going to try to explain the Schleswig-Holstein question in detail here. This is a fun blog about a great book, not a historical treatise. And we do rather subscribe to Lord Palmerston’s view: The Schleswig-Holstein question is so complicated, only three men in Europe have ever understood it. One was Prince Albert,Continue reading “The Schleswig-Holstein question”