‘no stinks’

I’ve always assumed that the main reason Davies avoids mooring in harbours is that he doesn’t really like people. Sure, he’s also avoiding awkward questions from officious German harbourmasters. But the mention of ‘stinks’ on October 5 gives us another good reason to stay away from the mainland. Basically, the harbours were all really smelly.Continue reading “‘no stinks’”

‘For miles in every direction lay a desert of sand’

I’ve been fretting about how we get from Brünsbuttel on October 5 to Wangerooge on October 15. Carruthers and Davies have their little boat ‘Dulcibella’. We do not. We’re planning to turn up on the banks of the Elbe on bicycles. Even if we did get hold of a Dulcibella-like boat (skippered by someone whoContinue reading “‘For miles in every direction lay a desert of sand’”