The 5th Adventure Club Podcast: Mainly About Sailing (and Tobacco)

This week, Lloyd (aka NotDavies) has disappeared on to the Continent, so Tim (NotCarruthers) is sailing solo. Luckily, we recorded a couple of discussions before Lloyd left, interviewed an experienced ocean sailer at a club in London, and also received some gripping material from several Adventure Club members. We discuss: the size of Carruthers’s luggageContinue reading “The 5th Adventure Club Podcast: Mainly About Sailing (and Tobacco)”

‘soon my portmanteau blackened the hatchway’

Like any sensible young gentleman, Carruthers arrives in Flensburg on September 26 with a suitcase crammed full of fashionable yachting outfits, including ‘cool white ducks’, ‘neat blue serge’ and a ‘snowy-crowned yachting cap’. That’s my outfit sorted then. Alas, he’s in for a rude awakening when he meets Davies, who would rather Carruthers made doContinue reading “‘soon my portmanteau blackened the hatchway’”