‘no stinks’

I’ve always assumed that the main reason Davies avoids mooring in harbours is that he doesn’t really like people. Sure, he’s also avoiding awkward questions from officious German harbourmasters. But the mention of ‘stinks’ on October 5 gives us another good reason to stay away from the mainland. Basically, the harbours were all really smelly.Continue reading “‘no stinks’”

The 13th Adventure Club Podcast: Off To The Movies

As we enter a 10-day period of relative quiet in the Sands (story-wise) relating to October 6 – 15, we use the spare time to go to the movies. Thanks to Arthur Beale, we got to watch the 1978 film version of The Riddle of the Sands with 40-50 other ROTS fans, and the bulk ofContinue reading “The 13th Adventure Club Podcast: Off To The Movies”