‘a foghorn, whose music roused hosts of sea birds’

We can’t let a second reference to a foghorn on October 20 go by without speculating on what kind of foghorn it might be. In the last podcast I put money on it being a Typhon, made by the Swedish foghorn specialists Kockums  – a bit like this one: But looking back at a previous referenceContinue reading “‘a foghorn, whose music roused hosts of sea birds’”

‘an anchorage behind Baltrum’

Wangerooge, Spiekeroog, Langeoog… one by one, we’re crossing the East Frisian islands off our list – or rather adding them to our charts. And now, on October 20, we drop anchor just off Baltrum. Baltrum is a lot smaller than the other islands we’ve encountered, but has many of the same characteristics of its largerContinue reading “‘an anchorage behind Baltrum’”

‘Spinnakers, flying jibs, and what not’

The strangely aimless and liminal pages for October 20 – there are only two – include Carruthers complaining that the Dulcibella simply isn’t going fast enough: ‘Can’t we go any faster?’ I burst out once. I felt that there ought to be a pyramid of gauzy canvas aloft, spinnakers, flying jibs, and what not. Davies isContinue reading “‘Spinnakers, flying jibs, and what not’”

The 19th Adventure Club Podcast: The Ems, Emden, Sail-Plans & Foghorns

There’s barely a couple of pages covering October 20 in ‘The Riddle of the Sands’, but somehow we’ve managed to create an information-packed podcast out of it. We include a bit of Roman history, obscure house numbering systems, spinnakers, gibs & what-not, a symphony composed for foghorns, a plate of wurst, more pipe-smoking *and* aContinue reading “The 19th Adventure Club Podcast: The Ems, Emden, Sail-Plans & Foghorns”