“Isn’t there the wreck of a treasure-ship somewhere farther west?”

The cover story for all the activity around the strange island of Memmert is readily given by Von Brüning: they’re after a wreck. ‘I don’t wonder you heard of it. It’s one of the few things folk have to talk about in these parts. It lies on Juister Riff, a shoal off Juist. She wasContinue reading ““Isn’t there the wreck of a treasure-ship somewhere farther west?””

‘coffee and Kümmel at a table in a dingy inn-parlour’

I think we drank the wrong Kümmel. And really, we should have been drinking tea, not coffee. Apart from that, I think the podcast about October 19 went quite well… Why the wrong Kümmel? Well, I went for Wolfschmidt, mainly because it tickled me to think we were drinking the same ‘putting mixture’ that Scottish golfers apparentlyContinue reading “‘coffee and Kümmel at a table in a dingy inn-parlour’”

‘they’re born with predatory instincts’

On October 19, while putting over his cover story about an old wreck and buried treasure, Von Brüning gets a little bit snooty about the local Frisians, claiming they have ‘a weakness for plunder’. He more or less describes them as pirates. Imagine my surprise to find that for hundreds of years that is pretty muchContinue reading “‘they’re born with predatory instincts’”

The 18th Adventure Club Podcast: Bensersiel, Wrecks & Kümmel

There’s a lot of information to take in as Carruthers, Davies and von Brüning size each other up over coffee and Kümmel in a cafe in Bensersiel on October 19. Since most of their talk centres around wrecks and wrecking, that’s exactly what our talk turns to in this week’s podcast. First up we reveal ourContinue reading “The 18th Adventure Club Podcast: Bensersiel, Wrecks & Kümmel”

‘What spirits?.. What salt?.. What coffee?’

On October 18, an officious customs officer comes on board Dulcibella at Bensersiel: … the customhouse officer (fancy such a thing in this absurd mud-hole!), marched down into the cabin, which was in a fearful mess and wringing wet, and producing ink, pen, and a huge printed form, wanted to know our cargo, our crew,Continue reading “‘What spirits?.. What salt?.. What coffee?’”