Your free sample of the ‘ROTS Adventure Club Handbook’

We’ve always said that our ultimate ambition with the ROTS Adventure Club is to get out into the field in September & October, replay the whole book, using the original text as our guide – and then produce our own book. At the moment we’re about halfway towards raising the money we need to produce this book forContinue reading “Your free sample of the ‘ROTS Adventure Club Handbook’”

‘Invisible forces were at work’

I wrote two days ago of our impressions of Holtenau on our initial visit during our Kiel road trip between October 2 and October 4. I said it was a quiet, well-heeled sort of place, full of pleasure yachts, less Kiel, more Kowes. But that was only half the story. If you approach the Holtenau LockContinue reading “‘Invisible forces were at work’”

‘A galaxy of coloured lights’

notCarruthers has already written about our impressions of Kiel on our mini adventure of October 2 to October 4, and as is his wont he’s focussed on retail. It falls to me to talk about more serious matters, in this case Holtenau, which is at the Baltic entrance to the Kiel Canal and which, itContinue reading “‘A galaxy of coloured lights’”

The 20th Adventure Club Podcast: An Adventure on the Kiel Canal

Finally, after months of talking about having an adventure, Lloyd (notDavies) and Tim (notCarruthers) head off to Germany, using ‘The Riddle of the Sands’ as their guide. It’s October 2 – 4, both in the book and in the real world. The route is Holtenau to Brunsbüttel. But how does the Germany of today matchContinue reading “The 20th Adventure Club Podcast: An Adventure on the Kiel Canal”