‘where does Böhme come in?’

Some time ago notDavies & I made an attempt to track down real-life von Brünings and Dollmanns – or rather we speculated wildly on who Childers might have been thinking of when he invented these characters. We did the same with Clara Dollmann too. But it isn’t ’til now – on October 23 – whenContinue reading “‘where does Böhme come in?’”

‘Commander von Brüning, in command of the torpedo gunboat Blitz’

Where do writers get their characters from? In the case of Childers, we can be pretty sure that Davies is, to a large extent, a portrait of himself. Carruthers, we think, is an almagam of several of his real-life Oxbridge and Civil Service sailing chums. Dollman is a bit harder to work out. Perhaps he’sContinue reading “‘Commander von Brüning, in command of the torpedo gunboat Blitz’”