‘coffee and Kümmel at a table in a dingy inn-parlour’

I think we drank the wrong Kümmel. And really, we should have been drinking tea, not coffee. Apart from that, I think the podcast about October 19 went quite well… Why the wrong Kümmel? Well, I went for Wolfschmidt, mainly because it tickled me to think we were drinking the same ‘putting mixture’ that Scottish golfers apparentlyContinue reading “‘coffee and Kümmel at a table in a dingy inn-parlour’”

‘What spirits?.. What salt?.. What coffee?’

On October 18, an officious customs officer comes on board Dulcibella at Bensersiel: … the customhouse officer (fancy such a thing in this absurd mud-hole!), marched down into the cabin, which was in a fearful mess and wringing wet, and producing ink, pen, and a huge printed form, wanted to know our cargo, our crew,Continue reading “‘What spirits?.. What salt?.. What coffee?’”

The 17th Adventure Club Podcast: Langeoog, Lili Marlene & whisky

Holidays are now over, and we resume podcasting with a slightly longer than usual show covering two days in the book instead of one. On October 17 and October 18, our heroes Carruthers & Davies find themselves in the Otsumer Ee between the islands of Spiekeroog & Langeroog, until  bad weather forces them to headContinue reading “The 17th Adventure Club Podcast: Langeoog, Lili Marlene & whisky”