‘an Englishman in disguise’

It turns out that Carruthers has a talent for disguise (as if, perhaps, he were some kind of real spy…). The rough marine garb he bought in a slop-shop in Amsterdam has served him well. Having successfully fooled a guesthouse owner in Esens and a drunk in Dornum that he’s some kind of German merchant sailor, he’sContinue reading “‘an Englishman in disguise’”

Cycling: critical questions about kit & caboodle

As we keep saying, we’re planning to do a lot of this adventure on bicycle rather than by boat. Chiefly this is because we want to be sure we can keep up with the book in terms of dates, and not be delayed by bad weather or tidal issues. Also, neither of us have suitableContinue reading “Cycling: critical questions about kit & caboodle”

‘the Meaning of our Work’: contributions of note

In our day-by-day replaying of ‘The Riddle of the Sands’ we’ve reached October 6, and we enter a stage in the book when not a lot happens storywise: “Nothing happened during the next ten days to disturb us at our work. During every hour of daylight and many of darkness, sailing or anchored, aground orContinue reading “‘the Meaning of our Work’: contributions of note”

Clara Dollmann: ‘It was dirty weather for a young fräulein to be out alone in’

When Davies finds out on October 4 that Clara Dollmann has been looking for him, he gets very hot under the collar: ‘When I last saw him he was still so engaged, but motionless, the lantern under his left arm. and his right hand grasping the forestay and the half-knotted lanyard; his eyes staring fixedlyContinue reading “Clara Dollmann: ‘It was dirty weather for a young fräulein to be out alone in’”

Shopping in Kiel (Part 1): ‘Clothes were my own chief care’

In my role as ‘notCarruthers’, I am determined to make sure that we keep our eye on the most important aspects of the adventure: what we’re going to eat, and what we’re going to wear. On October 2 a lot of shopping takes place, and having already ruined two pairs of white flannels, Carruthers isContinue reading “Shopping in Kiel (Part 1): ‘Clothes were my own chief care’”

The 10th Adventure Club Podcast: the Kiel Canal & weird brands of sausage

In which we discuss our plans to re-enact the classic spy novel ‘The Riddle of the Sands’, following the route of Carruthers & Davies day by day through Germany. This week we’re concentrating on October 2 in Kiel, with our heroes waiting to go through the Holtenau Lock. They pass the time with stocking upContinue reading “The 10th Adventure Club Podcast: the Kiel Canal & weird brands of sausage”