Angela Carter’s Wise Children Part Two

In Part Two, we continue to map out the South London world of ‘Wise Children’’s fictional characters. We find a haberdashers on Clapham High Street, above which Dora and Nora might have learned to dance.  We stop in at the Coach and Horses pub on Acre Lane – Dora’s local. And we visit Angela Carter’sContinue reading “Angela Carter’s Wise Children Part Two”

Angela Carter’s Wise Children Part One

This magical novel about two ageing ‘hoofers’ of London SW2 is a great excuse to get out into Lambeth, South London and hunt down the location of amazing old theatres like the massive Kennington Theatre and the Brixton Empress. We start at one of the great homes of Shakespeare performance in South London – TheContinue reading “Angela Carter’s Wise Children Part One”