Peter Ackroyd’s Hawksmoor Part Two

In part two of our adventure with Peter Ackroyd’s HAWKSMOOR, we finish our circuit of Nicholas Hawksmoor’s churches, completing a sigil on the face of London which, according to Tim’s design, will force Lloyd to reveal his real Satanic nature. We also discover the likely location for the fictional church of St Hugh’s, which nowContinue reading “Peter Ackroyd’s Hawksmoor Part Two”

Peter Ackroyd’s Hawksmoor Part One

After NEVERWHERE by Neil Gaiman, we’re back with another book that manifests London in mysterious and unsettling ways. Peter Ackroyd’s HAWKSMOOR tells the tale of Nicholas Dyer, a fictional architect of the early 18th century who has been charged with building seven new churches but has his own sinister, not to say Satanic purposes. InContinue reading “Peter Ackroyd’s Hawksmoor Part One”