The Remains of the Day Part Two

In part two of our adventure with Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Remains of the Day, we have some questions, and make an apology. Our questions include: what the hell are we doing on Dartmoor? And what happened to Day Five? Our apology follows a discovery made thanks to Ship’s Dog. We end on the remains ofContinue reading “The Remains of the Day Part Two”

The Remains of the Day Part One

We’re taking our first Nobel prize winner out for a walk! Actually, it’s more of a drive, as Kazuo Ishiguro’s unforgettable creation, the butler Stevens, drives his boss’s Ford down the backroads from Oxfordshire to Cornwall. In part one we ask where exactly Oxfordshire ends and Berkshire begins (clue: it isn’t where Ishiguro thinks itContinue reading “The Remains of the Day Part One”