Dracula Part Two

This is the second part of our adventure with Bram Stoker’s epic chiller Dracula. Having travelled south from Whitby, we find ourselves in Purfleet, Stoker’s imaginative location for the estate of Carfax and Jack Seward’s asylum. We then head to Piccadilly to pick a virtual fight with the online Stoker cognoscenti over the location ofContinue reading “Dracula Part Two”

The Woman in Black Part Two

This is the second part of our adventure with Susan Hill’s classic chiller The Woman in Black. In our ongoing hunt for places which could have inspired the fictional locations of Crythin Gifford and Eel Marsh House we find ourselves in Lincolnshire, where the land merges into the sea seemingly without interruption, where old rockContinue reading “The Woman in Black Part Two”

The Woman in Black Part One

We’re taking Susan Hill’s classic chiller The Woman in Black out for an adventure. It isn’t easy, because the market town of Crythin Gifford and the scary old Eel Marsh House are not real places. But what if they were constructed from real memories, and reminiscent of real places? In part one of our latestContinue reading “The Woman in Black Part One”

Day of the Triffids Part Two

In part 2 of our Day of the Triffids adventure, we follow Bill Masen as he leaves London and heads down into Sussex, on the trail of the woman he finds himself in love with. We discover John Wyndham’s house in the countryside, and travel the Wyndham Way, our name for the road which windsContinue reading “Day of the Triffids Part Two”

Day of the Triffids Part One

We’re back in London, discovering the places and context for John Wyndham’s legendary dystopian tale The Day of the Triffids. Our hero, Bill Masen, has woken up in a London hospital to a world in which everything has changed – almost everyone has become blind overnight, and the plants which Bill helped to breed, theContinue reading “Day of the Triffids Part One”

Riddley Walker Part Two

In part two of our Riddley Walker adventure, we follow Riddley down from How Fents to Widders Dump, and then along the line of the old railway to Rose and Power. On the way we learn about Russell Hoban’s interest in shamanism and the occult, and speculate on whether he ever met the French alchemistContinue reading “Riddley Walker Part Two”

Riddley Walker Part One

Lloyd and Tim are back in Kent, scene of their adventures with Moonraker and Stig of the Dump. This time they’re retracting the footsteps of Riddley Walker, the eponymous star of Russell Hoban’s extraordinary 1980 novel. In the first episode they attempt to track down Riddley’s home in How Fents, and travel to Canterbury CathedralContinue reading “Riddley Walker Part One”

The War of the Worlds Part Two

In the second part of their War of the Worlds adventure, Lloyd and Tim travel to Weybridge, where the River Wey meets the River Thames, and where Martian tripods destroyed the church at Shepperton while studiouly ignoring D’Oyly Carte’s astonishing mansion built on an island in the Thames. They then head west to try andContinue reading “The War of the Worlds Part Two”