Riddley Walker Part Two

In part two of our Riddley Walker adventure, we follow Riddley down from How Fents to Widders Dump, and then along the line of the old railway to Rose and Power. On the way we learn about Russell Hoban’s interest in shamanism and the occult, and speculate on whether he ever met the French alchemistContinue reading “Riddley Walker Part Two”

Riddley Walker Part One

Lloyd and Tim are back in Kent, scene of their adventures with Moonraker and Stig of the Dump. This time they’re retracting the footsteps of Riddley Walker, the eponymous star of Russell Hoban’s extraordinary 1980 novel. In the first episode they attempt to track down Riddley’s home in How Fents, and travel to Canterbury CathedralContinue reading “Riddley Walker Part One”

The War of the Worlds Part Two

In the second part of their War of the Worlds adventure, Lloyd and Tim travel to Weybridge, where the River Wey meets the River Thames, and where Martian tripods destroyed the church at Shepperton while studiouly ignoring D’Oyly Carte’s astonishing mansion built on an island in the Thames. They then head west to try andContinue reading “The War of the Worlds Part Two”