Blindfold to Memmert

To my mind, October 22 is the greatest and most memorable day in ‘The Riddle of the Sands’. It’s the day Carruthers and Davies row a dinghy in thick fog, all way from Norderney to Memmert and back again. It’s atmospheric, full of tension & jeopardy, and describes an extraordinary act of derring-do with theContinue reading “Blindfold to Memmert”

A Club Member’s own Adventure

Many of you will remember the lovely day out we had in Queenborough over the summer, where we looked at a ship pier which I, notDavies, confidently asserted was the same pier that Carruthers takes the Flushing Steamer from to begin his adventure. Many of you will also remember that this was not, in fact,Continue reading “A Club Member’s own Adventure”

‘Well, are we never going to have supper?’

On the evening of October 22nd, Carruthers and Davies make their way to Dollman’s residence for a dinner party. Carruthers gives no clue as to the food that is taken, but it seems to be a strange combination of formality and informality, with no waiters but several courses, and lots of good booze: No servantsContinue reading “‘Well, are we never going to have supper?’”

‘Direct to the south point of Memmert’

Memmert, the destination for the epic rowing trip undertaken by Carruthers and Davies on October 22nd, is as much sandbar as island. In fact, right up until the 1950s, its full name was ‘Memmertsand’. It’s mainly famous for birds, and the only inhabitant on the island is a bird warden. Since 1986, the island hasContinue reading “‘Direct to the south point of Memmert’”

The 22nd Adventure Club Podcast: Rowing to Memmert & Dinner Afterwards

We’re now at the most important moment of the book, and the section that could be claimed to have secured the reputation of ‘The Riddle of the Sands’ as one of the greatest British adventure novels of all time. It’s the row to the island of Memmert in a thick fog on October 22: aContinue reading “The 22nd Adventure Club Podcast: Rowing to Memmert & Dinner Afterwards”

‘the tide had risen a good deal’ – NO IT HADN’T

Club members who have been paying close attention will remember that on October 16 in the book, Carruthers makes a note that “High water at morning and evening is between five and six”. He and Davies are somewhere between Wangerooge and Spiekeroog at the time, and he even adds a short footnote stating: “the reader shouldContinue reading “‘the tide had risen a good deal’ – NO IT HADN’T”

Field AudioBook: readings available on Unbound.

Part of the package of extra goodies you’ll get from us when you support us on Unbound (pledge £25 for the Handbook Edition of ‘The Riddle of the Sands’ today!), will be a Field AudioBook: a complete reading of the book, recorded in exactly the right places at precisely the right dates – and enhancedContinue reading “Field AudioBook: readings available on Unbound.”

‘For two days we travelled slowly up the mighty waterway’

It doesn’t take two days to travel up the Kiel Canal. Most of the ships and yachts we saw on October 3 were motoring along fast enough to get through easily in a day. With his history hat firmly on, notDavies assures me that on the opening day of the canal in 1895, the KaiserContinue reading “‘For two days we travelled slowly up the mighty waterway’”

‘Invisible forces were at work’

I wrote two days ago of our impressions of Holtenau on our initial visit during our Kiel road trip between October 2 and October 4. I said it was a quiet, well-heeled sort of place, full of pleasure yachts, less Kiel, more Kowes. But that was only half the story. If you approach the Holtenau LockContinue reading “‘Invisible forces were at work’”

The 21st Adventure Club Podcast: Boating Books, Dodgy Tides & Ladies’ Cocoa

When Clara Dollman comes to meet our heroes off the coast of Norderney on October 21, it all kicks off. Carruthers has to make the cabin fit for a lady, Davies gets hot under the collar, and there’s something fishy about the library of sailing books on board. We discuss the best books to haveContinue reading “The 21st Adventure Club Podcast: Boating Books, Dodgy Tides & Ladies’ Cocoa”