The Eagle Has Landed

“At precisely one o’clock on the morning of Saturday 6 November 1943, Heinrich Himmler, Reichsführer of the SS and Chief of State Police, received a simple message… The Eagle Has Landed.” For the 7th CSB podcast, we’re in North Norfolk looking for the tiny village of Studley Constable, as described in Jack Higgins’s classic WW2Continue reading “The Eagle Has Landed”

The Ballad of Peckham Rye

Curiously Specific · Curiously Specific Book Club Podcast 6: The Ballad of Peckham Rye Welcome to the 6th CSB podcast where we take you on a merry tour of the magical land of Peckham in South London, courtesy of Muriel Spark and her superb (and remarkably short) novel ‘The Ballad of Peckham Rye’. We startContinue reading “The Ballad of Peckham Rye”

The Secret Agent

Curiously Specific · Curiously Specific Book Club Podcast 5: The Secret Agent In this, the 5th CSB podcast, Lloyd and Tim sink into the murky and topographically challenging world of Joseph Conrad’s imagined London, as described in the classic 1907 novel ‘The Secret Agent’. It’s a world of foreign agents, mysterious assassinations, international tensions andContinue reading “The Secret Agent”

The Mystery of Edwin Drood

Is Charles Dickens’s last unfinished novel curiously specific about dates and locations? Well… kinda. We start in Wapping at Princess Puffer’s opium den, and we end up in the Kent countryside at a pub that could be the model for The Tilted Wagon. In between, Lloyd uses his knowledge of trains and timetables to workContinue reading “The Mystery of Edwin Drood”

The end of the Unbound crowdfunding adventure: what happens now

We are very sorry to announce that we have failed to reach our financial target on the crowdfunding site Unbound in time for us to undertake the great ROTS Adventure in Sept/Oct this year. We’ve decided, therefore, not to try your patience any further, and are closing down this Unbound project. The money that many of youContinue reading “The end of the Unbound crowdfunding adventure: what happens now”

The 26th Adventure Podcast: Going Overboard in Ostmahorn

We’ve made it to the last day in the book – October 26. Our heroes, Carruthers and Davies, sail off into the sunset with the delightful Clara on board, and her dastardly dad Dollman overboard. In this podcast Lloyd notDavies plots out how to get back to Blighty via Ostmahorn, Holland. Tim notCarruthers, meanwhile, considersContinue reading “The 26th Adventure Podcast: Going Overboard in Ostmahorn”

‘an Englishman in disguise’

It turns out that Carruthers has a talent for disguise (as if, perhaps, he were some kind of real spy…). The rough marine garb he bought in a slop-shop in Amsterdam has served him well. Having successfully fooled a guesthouse owner in Esens and a drunk in Dornum that he’s some kind of German merchant sailor, he’sContinue reading “‘an Englishman in disguise’”