Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

‘You’ll take the job, clean the stables? Go backwards, go forwards, do whatever is necessary?’

Lloyd and Tim take on the ‘holy scripture’ of spy novels, John Le Carré’s classic tale of 1970s Cold War intrigue and betrayal; the book that established George Smiley as one of the all-time great fictional characters – ‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy‘.

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3 thoughts on “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

  1. Bloody hell! Your pronunciation of “ISLAY” Hotel in Sussex Gardens was curious but not specific. You pronounce the “s” in the first syllable like in Islington and then the second syllable as though it was the word lay, meaning repose. Correctly it is eye-lah in English (Buerlah) and ee-le in Gaelic (Gàidhlig spelling Ìle).


  2. Oh dear. Sorry Brian. You are dealing with a couple of dumb Sassenachs I’m afraid. Thank you for the correction!

    We should warn you btw that there are several pronunciation issues across all the podcasts. Lloyd in particular has his own peculiar approach to pronouncing place names (and sometimes other quite common words). As we do more podcasts outside of The South East of England – a key ambition – we may need to seek more help in this matter. Thanks for listening!


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