Hangover Square

“To those whom God has forsaken, is given a gas-fire in Earl’s Court”

We’re joined in this, the 11th Curiously Specific Book Club podcast, by Andy (@DulwichRaider) from Deserter, who is our natural go-to mate for summoning up the spirit of alcoholic drift and under-employment that permeates ‘Hangover Square’ by Patrick Hamilton.

We are forced to drink in all the pubs on or just off the Earl’s Court Road, until we find the one that is mostly likely to be ‘The Black Hart’, the drinking den around which much of the book’s events revolve.

We go to the exact point off the Cromwell Road where the author, Patrick Hamilton, was run over   – and also where Netta (the book’s anti-heroine) resides.

After one too many Gin & Frenches and much talk of fascism, Lloyd and Tim take off to Brighton in search of a theatre and golf course. We find both, and finish our trip in Hassocks, tracking a walk that we’re not sure is really necessary. Cue WW2…

Each month we road test a work of fiction that appears to be curiously specific about dates and locations. We go to the places mentioned and see if descriptions are accurate, journey times credible, dates and days all in order. Along the way, we learn things, about the book, and its author.

Sources & Credits

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Through A Glass Darkly: The Life of Patrick Hamilton, by Nigel Jones
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East Brighton Golf Club https://www.ebgc.co.uk


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