Field AudioBook: readings available on Unbound.

Part of the package of extra goodies you’ll get from us when you support us on Unbound (pledge £25 for the Handbook Edition of ‘The Riddle of the Sands’ today!), will be a Field AudioBook: a complete reading of the book, recorded in exactly the right places at precisely the right dates – and enhanced by the addition of local ambient sounds and field recordings.

‘What will that sound like?’ I hear you ask. Well, now you can find out. We’re giving all our existing supporters on Unbound access to Field Audiobook sample files describing the events and conversations of October 2 and October 3. To entice you into becoming a supporter on Unbound, here’s a short sample of what you can expect to hear in full after you’ve pledged your support.

In the coming weeks, we’re going to offer videos from our German trip last month, and we’re going to produce sample sections of the Handbook itself (both e-book & printable PDF versions), again covering October 2 & October 3. You will, though, only have access to this stuff one you’ve pledged your support on Unbound.

We’re hoping these samplers will give you a firm and compelling indication of what you’ll end up getting for your £25. The e-book files and pdfs will also give you a chance to provide us with feedback, so we can ensure the Handbook really does become the definitive edition of the classic adventure story we all love.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 12.35.52
Audiobook Field Recording at Brunsbüttel

If you’re already a member of our amazing Adventure Club, please do spread the word and let people know about all the great stuff we’re offering.  And thank you for all your support so far.

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