To Brunsbüttel and beyond: our plan for today

We didn’t report live from the Canal yesterday. Did you miss us?

The main reason for our absence was the lack of decent web access (or indeed any web access at all!) from the Canal. That’s a problem we think could solve on the Adventure proper next year, with better planning, better kit and a bit of help from people we’re meeting who live and work out here.

For now, though, we’re going to use this last day out in the field to try something different.

‘Clothes were my own chief care…’

What this trip has made us realise is that the real magic lies – as it always did – in the book itself. So for the remaining time we’re here, we’re going to concentrate on recording readings of the book in the locations described  – and we’ll do it as close to the right timeline as possible.

If we can do that live, we will. But we won’t be able to alert you in advance, so you’ll have to keep an eye on our Twitter streams (In the Adventure proper next year, we’ll aim to have everything timetabled properly for you so you don’t have to miss a thing).

We will promise to put up recordings of everything we’ve done out here as soon as possible when get back. But remember – you’ll only get hold of this stuff, the Handbook sample and the field Audiobook sample if you pledge support on Unbound at The link to the live stream remains:

‘For two days we travelled slowly up the mighty waterway…’

We’re already excited about how the original text comes alive when you release it into the modern world. It’s also really great to put the visuals and the soundtrack of the modern world onto this book. Something weird and delightful happens when we do this. You’ll see what we mean when we put some examples together for you.

This trip was always a trial run. We’re learning a lot about how to do the full Adventure properly. We’ll discuss this a bit in the next podcast. If you have any thoughts yourself, let us know in the comments.


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