We’ll be live-streaming from the Holtenau lock at 18:15 UK time


We’ve made it to Kiel, have visited the post office and done a bit of shopping, and now it’s time to head to the Holtenau Lock. We’ll be live streaming via the Unbound Shed page from about 18:15 UK time (*subject to bandwidth*). Join us!

The URL to use is https://unbound.co.uk/books/riddle-of-the-sands/updates/kiel-canal-reconnaissance-live-october-2-5,  but you can only access this if you’ve pledged support for the Adventure Club.

The main post-office at Kiel – a modern version of the one Carruthers and Davies would have visited on October 2

If you pledge now, you will get a free sample chapter of The Handbook Edition book, an opportunity to influence what goes into the book, and how we design it. You’ll also get a free episode of the field audiobook of ‘The Riddle of the Sands’, recorded in the places that the book describes.

If you are joining us at 18:15, do ask us questions or make requests via Twitter to @rotscarruthers and @rotsdavies.

If there are places you’d like us to visit, specific photos you’d like us to take, or particular items you’d like us to get hold of, just let us know. We’re happy to be led by you – as long as we all stick to the principle that we’re being guided chiefly by ‘The Riddle of the Sands’, in terms of where we go and when.

If you can’t make it this evening, we’ll be online again tomorrow on the Kiel Canal, aiming to live stream again at midday UK time and at 18:15 tomorrow evening, probably from Rendsburg. We’ll keep you posted about our progress here, on Twitter and on Facebook.

2 thoughts on “We’ll be live-streaming from the Holtenau lock at 18:15 UK time

  1. Unable to view streaming. When I tap on given URL I get a message which concludes, “If you have subscribed to this book please to view (sic) the update.” Well I have subscribed. What up date? Where?


    1. Hi David – as these updates are for subscribers only, you’ll need to log into Unbound using the password they gave you when you registered with them. Once you’ve done this you should be able to see all our updates in the Shed for this project.


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