Important news about the Riddle of the Sands Adventure Club

Dear friends and supporters of Riddle of the Sands Adventure Club

As you can see on our Unbound page, we’re currently over 40% of the way towards our funding target. Thank you so much for getting us this far. We really appreciate your generosity.

Obviously, it’s going to take us a bit more time than we initially hoped to raise the full amount needed to publish our new edition. And time – or, more specifically, the time of year – is not on our side.

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As you know, we have always intended to retrace the journey of Carruthers and Davies in the same timeframe as the original novel – a book which is, as we say repeatedly, curiously specific about dates and locations. This means we *have* to start the trip on September 23.

That’s the task we’ve set ourselves, and we don’t want to change it. But since it’s clear we’re not going to reach our target in time to go this year, we’re going to postpone the trip by a year, and go instead in September-October 2016.

A year’s a long time to wait for us to deliver. We understand that. If you don’t feel you can wait with us that long, you can of course reclaim your pledge back from Unbound (or transfer your pledge to another Unbound project if you prefer).

But if you do decide to stay with us, we’d like to offer you several added extras *for free* that will help to pass the time until next year’s full adventure takes place.


First of all, we’re planning to take a ‘taster trip’ to north Germany in early October of this year, as a kind of dress rehearsal for the full event in 2016. We’ll post text, audio and video for this trip, and links to most of it will be posted exclusively on Unbound, so only active subscribers will see it.

Secondly, when we get back, we’ll produce an ebook edition of the relevant chapters, with our own notes and material. This will give you a strong idea of what the book itself – the Handbook Edition – will eventually look like. (And it’ll give you an opportunity give us feedback on how we’re planning to put the book together, so we can be sure to deliver something you really like)

For the whole of the next 12 months, we’ll continue to podcast, blog and generally have fun with the book and with you.  And we’ll even branch out into some other books, extending the Adventure Club even further – to the Surrey of War of the Worlds, through Kent following Bond’s drive in Moonraker, or even to Greenmantle’s Istanbul.

With each new Adventure we’ll offer supporters exclusive content in terms of live reports, extra podcasts, pdfs and e-books. We’re going to work really hard to provide you a year’s worth of really good reasons to stay with us.

In fact, we’re rather hoping we might even do enough to persuade you to recommend the Adventure Club to your friends.

If everyone who’s pledged on Unbound so far got a couple of other people to come on board, we’d reach our target straight away and be ready to go!

We do hope you’ll stay with us. We believe the edition of Riddle of the Sands you’ve subscribed to will be unique and beautiful. You may have to wait a little longer for it, but we promise to make the wait worthwhile.

Ahoy and thanks again for all your support. We’re really enjoying the adventure. We hope you are too.

Lloyd and Tim


3 thoughts on “Important news about the Riddle of the Sands Adventure Club

  1. You are certainly making the right decision and I look forward eagerly to many more great podcasts and the opportunity to delve even deeper into the book! In honesty I feel that if you guys had wrapped it all up in the next month it would have been over too soon.


  2. I’m still in. i was actually what would happen to the club after the re-tracing event, but this way the fun continues – more “bang for your buck”or should it be more “pointlessness for your pound”?

    The other book ideas sound good, just disappointing that we just ditched our James Bonds to make space for some new stuff. I’ll have to locate another copy of Moonraker. Will it be period kit & cars?

    Thank you both for not throwing in the towel.


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