Join us for our first attempt at live streaming – tomorrow night (Tues June 2) from 20:00

Tomorrow night (Tues June 2) we’re going to record another podcast, and one of the topics we’re going to discuss is how to live up to our promise of live streaming the adventure in the autumn.

As usual, we’re keen to walk it like we talk it, so we’re going to use both Periscope and Google Hangouts On Air tomorrow night. This’ll mean you can not only watch us live as we attempt to talk about the Kiel Canal, German sausage and cigars (amongst other things), but you can leave us comments, ask us questions, judge us on our attire etc.

By Andy Dingley (scanner) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
From 20:00 on Tuesday June 2, we’re going to use Periscope which lets you see us live and – using the app – comment on what we’re doing via your smartphone. If you don’t know what Periscope is, you can find out here:

Click here for the periscope:

We’ll put the link to the live feed right here on this page so you can watch from the web if you want to (but you can only leave comments via the smartphone app). The link will also be published on our Twitter feed at @rotscarruthers. If you download the Periscope app and follow @rotscarruthers you should get a push notification when we go live.

From 20:30 on Tuesday June 2 we’ll switch to Google Hangouts On Air to see whether that’s a better way to go for us. If you don’t know about Hangouts, there’s some information here:


Again, we’ll put the link for accessing the live Hangout on this page. You can also find us on Google+ as ROTS Carruthers, and we have a YouTube Channel at where the resulting video of the live stream should end up (fingers crossed).

Because this is our first time and a bit of experiment, we’re making this live stream free to everyone. But very soon now we’re going to offer live stream content and resulting videos *only* to people who have pledged their support at Unbound.

A pledge of just £10 will give you access all areas. Pledge £25 and you’ll end up with a fantastic book and a field audiobook to boot.

Assuming this first stab at streaming goes well (and frankly even if it doesn’t), we’ll live stream every podcast recording (or bits of it) so you can actually see such things as how to make proper grog, how to pack a pipe properly, what happens when two budding amateurs try their hands at sailing, shooting and various other gentlemanly pursuits. The Ship’s Dog will inevitably be making appearances.

So do come back to this page tomorrow night for the the first Adventure Club live streaming links – and if you like what you see, pledge your support at Unbound.

We’re looking forward to having you on board.

One thought on “Join us for our first attempt at live streaming – tomorrow night (Tues June 2) from 20:00

  1. Great attempt. Got the Periscope, but couldn’t locate Google Hangouts. Timing difference between iPad & MacBook, as I think you found too. Is this the future? Of the podcasts that is.


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