The 8th Adventure Club Podcast: Ducks, Vikings & Music Boxes

This week we’re concentrating on September 29 & 30, in which we arrive at the Schlei Fjord for a spot of duck shooting, beer and music. We also talk at length about how you can support this project by pledging to pay for access to the live web adventure in the autumn, and acquire a beautiful Handbook Edition of ‘The Riddle of the Sands which we are threatening to write.

For full details go to: Spread the word. We can’t go on our adventure without you!

In the podcast we discuss: how you can support us and why it’s worth doing so (01:12); the fate of Childers’s real-life Dulcibella (5:51), including details about such characters as Claude ‘Happy’ Hapgood (11:11); the discovery of a decent ‘theme tune’ for the Dulcibella, arranged by Britten (14:04); a brief but spooky listen to German music boxes of the late 1800s (15:24); Vikings make an appearance and reinforce worries about the Germans (20:45); the low-down on what kind of ducks Carruthers would have been shooting (24:37).

The pochard – almost certainly the duck that Carruthers & Davies shoot in the Schei Fjord.

Club Business – Erskine Childers’s great grandson sets us straight on an episode in Cambridge (28:27); Tony kicks on with the centreboard vs leeboard debate and alerts us to the British Army Sailing Club (30:03); Amanda tells us about her mother-in-law, who has stories to tell about spending every summer in Norderney for most of her life (31:55)

Missions for next week (33:56) – information please about Bartels, Baddies, Boats… and Babes (33:54)


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