The 5th Adventure Club Podcast: Mainly About Sailing (and Tobacco)

This week, Lloyd (aka NotDavies) has disappeared on to the Continent, so Tim (NotCarruthers) is sailing solo. Luckily, we recorded a couple of discussions before Lloyd left, interviewed an experienced ocean sailer at a club in London, and also received some gripping material from several Adventure Club members.

We discuss: the size of Carruthers’s luggage (00:34); the search for a Flensburg carpenter (03:50); Kass Schmitt tells us about the perils of a first visit to a ships chandlers and where it might take you (06:08); how to join the Riddle of the Sands Adventure Club (17:50); another visit to a pipe shop and BIG news about the supposedly mythical Raven Mixture (19:15).

Club Member Anthony’s real-life reenactment of Davies’s voyage from Dover to the Baltic (24:32); details of Childers’s original 1898 sailing log supplied by Adventure Club member Jerry (29:54); more about the influence of ‘The Riddle of the Sands’ on other great spy writers and the ‘spatchcocking’ of Clara Dollman – according to Adventure Club member Jeff (32:08).

‘Let’s get under way at once,’ he said, ‘and sail down the fiord.’ – September 27

Breaking news: We’re having a film club evening at Arthur Beale – a showing of the 1970s movies with Michael York and Simon McCorkindale. Grog will be served!

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