Forget Downton Abbey or The Crown, we use classic novels to guide you through the Britain of today and yesterday.

Every podcast Lloyd & Tim – two book-loving blokes – take you on a walk or a road trip, using a well-known novel as the only guide.

Alice Oswald’s DART Part 1: Dartmoor to Buckfastleigh on foot, in a car – and on a steam train! The Curiously Specific Book Club

  1. Alice Oswald’s DART Part 1: Dartmoor to Buckfastleigh on foot, in a car – and on a steam train!
  2. Edward Thomas’s IN PURSUIT OF SPRING Part Two: From Rudge to the Quantocks

Whether you’ve read the book or not, we’ll take you to funny places.

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Along the way we’ll chat and joke about the author, about when the book was published, about interesting characters, dates, places, events and relevant themes.

Great literature, amazing landscapes and general laughter guaranteed with every episode.

Series 1:

Exploring Kent: The Mystery of Edwin Drood. Stig of the Dump. Moonraker.

Vanished Worlds: The Dark Is Rising, The Ballad of Peckham Rye. The Secret Agent.

East Anglia: The Eagle Has Landed. The Rings of Saturn. Lovejoy.

Bad News in Brighton: Brighton Rock. Hangover Square. Dirty Weekend

London Spies: The Ipcress File. Slow Horses. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.

Series 2:

Apocalypse England: The War of the Worlds. Riddley Walker. The Day of the Triffids.

Scary Places: Dracula. The Woman in Black. The Rats.

Northern Towns: Cold Water. Kestrel for a Knave. Get Carter.

London Blitz: Crooked Heart. The Night Watch, Life After Life,

Into the West Country: The Remains of the Day. Rebecca. The Mayor of Casterbridge.

Series 3:

Fantastical London: Neverwhere. Hawksmoor. Rivers of London

Crime Scenes: Murder of Roger Ackroyd. Nine Tailors. From Doon With Death

South London: Wise Children. Buddha of Suburbia. Up The Junction

Poetic Places: In Pursuit of Spring. Dart. When We Were Very Young.


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Join us! Your presenters are:

Tim Wright (r): digital writer/consultant for web, mobile, radio, TV, theatre. Half of http://XPT.COM. Former Head of Immersive at NFTS. Web here, Twitter here.

Lloyd Shepherd (l): author of 4 novels: The English Monster. The Poisoned Island. Savage Magic. The Detective and the Devil. Also does digital product development. Web here, Twitter here.